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Dragonfyre Games ~ (Sandra)
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Canada - British Columbia - Victoria
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Greetings magical people!


Primarily here to sell cards but please if you see something you want and you have things on my wishlist reach out!

**Due to random price spikes I reserve the right to refund a purchase or ask for the difference. This being said I will only refund a purchase if the card has increased in value by 10% or more. The only reason I do this is because deckbox's pricing is hard to keep track of and updating the sell list daily or weekly simply isn't something I have the time to do. Speculators beware - deckbox sides with the seller on disputes related to the difficulty of keeping lots up to date.

I've been a player and collector of MTG for over 24 years.

I am letting my love for magic carry over to you!

I am selling tons of lovely cardboard in NM condition (unless stated otherwise). if interested in bulk or want to make a deal just message me. pictures of cards may be requested, shipping is set by deckbox standard, I suggest shipping with tracking and insurance. to insure your cards get the best treatment!

***And for orders over $150 free shipping with tracking!***

I have multiple reference via facebook MTG groups/marketplace if you wish to get a list please message me.

PRIORITY trading for foil planeswakers and cards from my Commander decks, love me some ***FOILS***

always happy to take a look at any trade, however lets try and aim for over $10

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Howling Mine
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Recruiter of the Guard
1 $94.38Add to Cart
Inkmoth Nexus
1 $44.64Add to Cart
Mana Reflection
1 $40.73Add to Cart
Leyline of the Void
1 $35.54Add to Cart
Sword of War and Peace
1 $24.38Add to Cart
Arcum Dagsson
1 $22.91Add to Cart
1 $21.24Add to Cart
Wrath of God
1 $21.07Add to Cart
Thistledown Liege
1 $19.68Add to Cart
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