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Face to face trades in the Vancouver, BC area welcome!

Not super active at the moment as I can't really play paper anyway due to our situation. Currently prioritizing Modern Jund Shadow cards if anything.

I am usually very quick to respond to trade requests and messages. If you start a trade with me, or make modifications on an existing trade, please send me a message so I see the little chat icon on my main page and know that I need to check my trades. Sometimes I don't get email notifications, but I check the main Deckbox page very often, and will immediately look at my trades if I see the little chat icon next to it.

Lower value trades will go out in stamped envelopes. Feel free free to do the same in return.

My trade minimum is as low as $3. Feel free to start trades for pretty much anything. If you see that you have nothing I need, feel free to start a trade anyway. I am always happy to go through lists.

Send me a message if you have any questions, and thanks!
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