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I am currently listing many of my cards for sale on multiple platforms, and some of the cards have been bulk added to my trade list. As such open your order for discussion and ask me to confirm availability, pricing, and condition prior to sending payment, to avoid any potential inventory issues. Please inquire for shipping costs during this discussion, as I have currently disabled automatic checkout.

I am also actively trading for vintage cards from Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Revised, Legends, Antiquities, Arabian Nights, The Dark. Also interested in text-less, and full art cards. Or simply up-trading into staples if there is nothing that I am directly interested in on your trade list.

Please make sure that your cards are in the correct edition and condition noted before the trade is finalized, as both of these are very important for myself.

Sealed products available for trade:

3x Journey into Nyx Booster Box
8x Hour of Devastation Booster Box
3x Conspiracy: Take the Crown Booster Box
2x 'Mystery Booster' Booster Box
4x Aether Revolt Booster Box
1x Magic Origins Booster Box
2x Rivals of Ixalan Booster Box
1x Ikoria Lair of Behemoths Booster Box
6x Core 2021 Booster Box
9x Theros Beyond Death Booster Box
4x Double Masters Booster Box
1x Zendikar Rising Booster Box
1x Commander Legends Booster Box
16x Ravnica Allegiance Booster Box

2x Rivals of Ixalan Fat Pack
1x Dominaria Fat Pack
4x Core Set 2019 Fat Pack
2x Throne of Eldraine Gift Edition Fat Pack

5x Unstable 3-Booster Draft Pack
5x Masters 25 3-Booster Draft Pack
1x Ixalan 2-Booster Battle Pack
2x Dominaria 2-Booster Battle Pack
5x Battlebond 6-Booster Pack
13x Modern Horizons 3-Booster Draft Pack

1x Unstable Booster Pack
11x Planeshift Booster Pack
12x Invasion Booster Pack
18x Mercadian Masques Booster Pack
15x Masters 25 Booster Pack
9x Ixalan Booster Pack
30x Rivals of Ixalan Booster Pack
75x Dominaria Booster Pack
28x Battlebond Booster Pack
26x Modern Horizons Booster Pack
5x Theros Beyond Death Collector Booster Pack
3x Jump/Start Booster Pack
7x Jump/Start 4-Boosters Multipack
2x Zendikar Rising Collector Booster Pack
2x Commander Legends Collector Booster Pack

6x Ravnica Allegiance Pre-release Kit: Azorius

3x Throne of Eldraine Promo Pack
9x Theros Beyond Death Premium Promo Pack
6x Theros Beyond Death Buy-a-box Pack
2x Theros Beyond Death Promo Pack
10x Ikoria FOIL Promo Pack
9x Core 2021 FOIL Promo Pack
5x Ikoria Promo Pack
6x Core 2021 Promo Pack
4x Zendikar Rising Premium Promo Pack
4x Kaldheim Premium Promo Pack
3x Kaldheim Promo Pack

Complete sets available for serious offers:

1x Antiquities complete set
1x Revised complete set (Mint)
1x Revised complete set (Near Mint)
5x The Dark complete sets
4x Fallen Empires complete sets w/all variations
4x Homelands complete sets w/all variations
5x Alliances complete sets w/all variations
4x Visions complete sets
4x Weatherlight complete sets
1x Ice Age complete set
1x Mirage complete set
1x Unglued complete set w/all tokens
1x Unhinged complete set
1x Unstable complete set w/all variations
1x Tenth Edition complete set
1x Planar Chaos complete set
1x Time Spiral (Including Timeshifted) complete set
1x FOIL Shadows Over Innistrad complete set (sealed MOL)
1x FOIL Eldritch Moon complete set (sealed MOL)
1x FOIL Amonkhet complete set (sealed MOL)
1x From the Vault: Lore complete set
1x Secret Lair Drop Series: Kaleidoscope Killers (Sleeved and NM w/box)
1x Secret Lair Drop Series: International women's day 2020 (Sleeved and NM w/box)
1x Archenemy: Nicol Bolas Oversized Scheme Cards - Complete Set of 20 (Near Mint and sleeved)
1x Planechase Anthology: Oversized Plane Cards - Complete Set of 86 (Near Mint w/box)
2x Modern Horizons Art Cards 54/54

I also have over 300,000 commons / basic lands / tokens from nearly all sets post-revised that have not been inventoried yet, so please don't hesitate to ask if there is anything in particular that you are looking for.

Thank you.
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