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Yehuda Berlinger (Shade_Jon)
Israel - Yerushalayim (Jerusalem) - Jerusalem
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Hi. I have played Magic from about 1996 to today. I NEVER play in tournaments or play constructed; I just play by randomly picking 90 cards from my collection and then drafting with a friend. Every few years I pick up a few thousand new un/commons in order to play with new cards; while doing so, I will accidentally pick up some rare, foil, and high values cards which I don't need.

I have only marked the actual conditions of the cards in my collection valued $2 or more. If you need to know the conditions of cards under that value, please ask. Also, in some cases, I'm fairly sure that some of the 5th edition cards are marked 4th edition, and some of the entries from Fallen Empires, Homelands, or Alliances might have the wrong pictures; again, ask me if this matters to you.

I do not have card sleeves, but I will do my very best to ensure that everything is wrapped, padded, and safe for delivery. Shipping will be at actual cost, which might be less than you think, although it might take longer since I'm mailing from Israel.

I just got many new cards, so I am only selling right now, not trading.
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Cryptic Gateway
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Magistrate's Scepter
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1 $28.03Add to Cart
Demonic Tutor
1 $25.46Add to Cart
Seedborn Muse
1 $21.89Add to Cart
Diabolic Intent
1 $18.23Add to Cart
Sylvan Library
1 $15.35Add to Cart
Auriok Champion
1 $13.10Add to Cart
Reflecting Pool
1 $11.82Add to Cart
Eladamri's Call
3 $11.42Add to Cart
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