Kaitlyn Greene (Silverwulf)
United States - Washington
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23-May-2022 21:00
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United States
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Looking for stuff on my wishlist but feel free to propose a random trade, I love trading.

I have all kinds of un-inventoried tokens, uncommons, and commons. Feel free to ask.

I have a Garruk Apex Predator Emblem.

Currently accepting trades and selling cards.

I will ship in a normal envelope with cards protected and sleeved for small trades (both monetarily small and small in number of cards). For large trades ($25+) I will ship in a bubble mailer/hardloader and can provide tracking if requested. I expect the same from anyone I trade with. I'm very willing to send at the same time and I prefer it over someone sending first and having to wait forever for cards.

Happy Trading ^.^
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Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx
3 $25.00Add to Cart
Cryptolith Fragment // Aurora of Emrakul
1 $13.00Add to Cart
Reforge the Soul
1 $9.50Add to Cart
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