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What do you get when 40 Mercurial Chemisters slip on 99 Replicating Rings?  My trade list.

Come take a look and see if there's anything you'd like.

I play sealed and EDH and collect older cards, and often have standard edition cards for trade.

I just enjoy trading, so I will be happy to consider any trade greater than $10.  Trades less than $20 will be sent in a normal envelope (PWE) in plastic sleeves.  Larger volume trades will be sent in a bubble mailer.

I just scanned and batch uploaded my entire collection so it should now be very accurate and anything contemporary is NM, but I will update you before confirming a trade with any discrepancies in condition.

I especially love trades in two forms: targeted high value card swaps or massive amounts of jank. THE JANK MUST FLOW!!

**I have way too many top loaders.  If we're doing a bulk trade, there's room, and you ask nicely, I'll stuff some in.**

***I continue to trade at a slower pace.  I love trading, but can take week or two to wrap up.  If you start a trade with me, I promise to communicate progress and set expectations.  I like happy trades and happy traders.***

Updated 07/30/22.
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