Jack Graves (Solthanlas)
United States - Georgia - Hinesville
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05-May-2021 17:52
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United States, Canada
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Planewsalkers of Georgia, MTG Creativity, MTG Market
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Life Update,
If I am slow to reply, it is just due to life changes as we have a new little one in the family, and work schedule has been taxing.

If you make an order with me it will have a 48 hour or less processing time.


I have played since 1996. I left the game a while ago and began again during the New Phyrexia era. I have a bit of older things to trade, and I will consider most offers.

I have had a long history of sales and purchases through eBay, and I am a long standing member of Good Traders and Bad Traders online.

I make customized tokens and the occasional proxy if interested, send a note.

I will review any trade.

I will ship with tracking and bubble mailer for any trade over $20.
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