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First and for most I am a collector after one of each.
As of June 6th 2021 Recatalogging my inventory and am done from Unlimited up through Dominaria .
Checking my account daily if you want to trade. Trade need to be atleast $20 in value and I understand since my score is still low I send first. Be aware that I try to grade my cards fairly and will not trade anything in rough condition, that being said I might not completely understand grades. I will not post any cards that qualify lower then Good (Lightly Played).
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Moraug, Fury of Akoum
1 $4.64Add to Cart
Dimir Signet
1 $3.39Add to Cart
Lathliss, Dragon Queen
1 $3.31Add to Cart
Blast Zone
1 $3.03Add to Cart
Bastion of Remembrance
1 $2.91Add to Cart
Yeva, Nature's Herald
1 $2.82Add to Cart
Sephara, Sky's Blade
1 $2.78Add to Cart
Boggart Harbinger
1 $2.46Add to Cart
Soul-Guide Lantern
1 $2.31Add to Cart
Kogla, the Titan Ape
1 $2.21Add to Cart
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