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Hello! Back to mtg after a little hiatus!  Been playing since about 6th edition on and off.

Mainly here to trade, I enjoy finding win-win trades where everyone walks away happy, trading has always been a fun aspect of the game for me.

-I'm really fussy about card condition: I typically will only trade for NM+ cards

-As a rule of thumb all my cards are NM+, they’ve either never seen play or they’ve seen double sleeved play.  Before confirming a trade I will always double check card condition and check with you if anything is off, my collection is just listed as all NM+ as 99% of my cards are this grade

-If you open a trade, please only select the cards that you want, I prefer to choose the cards I need as not everything on my wishlist is a priority

-I’m happy to provide pics at your request and sometimes may request the same, transparency makes for good trades and it’s important to me that we both walk away happy

-I try to be as prompt and responsive as possible, both on deckbox and IRL, once a trade is concluded I’ll try to ship cards sameday or next day latest, and would appreciate the same level of diligence

-I prefer making trades that are at least $20 CAD in value

-I only trade in Canada

-Deckbox prices tend to be inaccurate and I will typically use outside sources as my guide for trade value (MTGgoldfish, TCG Mid, SCG, F2F, MTGStocks...)

-I ship all cards to Deckbox standards and then some, double sleeved, toploaders, bubble mailers are the norm, hence the preference for $20 trades, I treat your future cards as if they were my own

-I’m open to trades outside my wishlist, if you see cards you want in my trade binder, just propose a trade and list everything you want from me we can likely work something out

-Depending on the value of the trade, tracking may be in order, I prefer to mutually agree as to how we ship together before finalizing

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