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Caleb (ThatCiscoGuy)
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United States - Ohio - Cincinnati
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I'm a more modern player, started around Gatecrash and have been working my way backwards to older cards and legacy formats like EDH and Pauper. I don't play a bunch, but I enjoy making fun and unusual decks and cubes for friendly games.

I've learned to stop trading away cards I'll inevitably re-buy: I've owned 4 Mycosynth lattices, two playsets of Crucible of Worlds, and 7 Sylvan Libraries but not all at once. Haha.

HOWEVER - I am always happy to trade ANYTHING for ANYTHING on my tradelist. Seriously, it's just cardboard.

Stuff I like:
-Jank from Kamigawa
-Whiteborder cards and original artwork
-Older Legends that are commander-worthy like Rasputin Dreamweaver

Things I dislike:
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