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I started playing back in 1995 but didn't get back into the game until Throne of Eldraine.  I am mainly a collector but also love playing Magic The Gathering.  As a collector; I happen to have extra cards that I would like to sell in order to get some of the cards that I am missing--I am not going to make a fortune on Deckbox but would like to make sure that these extra cards get a good home.

If you see a card listed at a higher price than you think it is worth, I may have missed it in my monthly price checks or there may have been a recent fluctuation. Please feel free to message me about it and we can work something out.  All cards are NM unless otherwise marked as I input the cards into Deckbox as soon as I get them in and am very careful about recording the conditions of the cards--that said accidents can happen and if there is an issue I will contact you.

I am willing to ship anywhere in the USA.  The current options are PWE and bubble mailer.  All cards are in penny sleeves either inside or between toploaders (depending on the amount of cards.  I like to receive cards shipped safely and do the same for cards that I sell or trade.

All foils are shipped double sleeved in a Dragon Shield for added protection against moisture--if you do not wish them shipped this way please send a message as soon as you can after purchasing.

No trade is too small--it's one of the best parts about Magic.  I don't mind heading to the Post Office to send out cards!  If the trade is under $50 or we discussed it; we should both stick to the PWE plan.

Thanks for checking out to see what I have!
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Void Winnower
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Scute Swarm
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Meddling Mage
1 $6.20Add to Cart
High Market
1 $3.15Add to Cart
1 $2.98Add to Cart
Nylea's Intervention
1 $2.68Add to Cart
Vampire of the Dire Moon
1 $2.27Add to Cart
Ovalchase Daredevil
1 $1.94Add to Cart
Ugin's Nexus
1 $1.65Add to Cart
1 $1.58Add to Cart
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