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Aaron Asselstine (VensersConclave)
Canada - Ontario - Ottawa
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Canada, United States, International
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Canadian Traders, Reddit MTG Trades, Ottawa Traders, MTG Market
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I love to make trades.

Sometimes Deckbox pricing is a bit off, I reserve the right to cancel any sale or negotiate a more accurate price for a card.

To make things easier, please make sure that you do not pay before I have had a chance to look over your list.

Generally I will sell cards as they are listed. I'm not here to maximize every cent. That said, I have found cards that I simply am unwilling to move at the deckbox price. Those cases are few, but they do occur.

I care about condition and edition. I will make sure the card is as stated. I send in hardtop protectors and inner sleeves where appropriate. I expect the same treatment in return. This is especially important for foil cards. No fading or scratching unless otherwise agreed on.

One point, sometimes I have the same card in multiple deals.  Whichever deal is finalized first gets the card.
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Sylvan Caryatid
2 $4.00Add to Cart
General Tazri
1 $3.00Add to Cart
Indrik Umbra
1 $2.00Add to Cart
Buried Ruin
2 $1.50Add to Cart
1 $1.00Add to Cart
Scuttling Doom Engine
1 $0.78Add to Cart
Dawn Charm
2 $0.70Add to Cart
Chained to the Rocks
2 $0.67Add to Cart
1 $0.43Add to Cart
Emblem: Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker
1 $0.22Add to Cart
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