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Tim (VietMoneys)
United States - California - Sacramento
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My name's Tim.  Trading has slowed down a bit for me, as I'm mostly looking for the final pieces of pimp for my six EDH decks (
I recognize that I don't necessarily have cards on the caliber of what I'm looking for, but I'm always willing to add PayPal to bridge the gap.  Feel free to propose anything, but by and large I'm only interested in NM English foils.  Even if it's not on my wishlist, I'm generally happy to consolidate my cards into higher value singles, as I'm not really much of a collector outside of my decks.  Also, I'll almost always have the corresponding tokens/emblems for cards on my tradelist, so just ask!  My entire tradelist is also for sale.

I am happy to work with new traders and am always interested to hear about what decks my cards are bound for.  I am meticulous in the (completely unscientific) grading of my cards and will happily provide photos upon request, and I appreciate you doing the same.  If you have a "policy" requiring me to send a premium of value your way, I also have that policy.  I guess they cancel out ;)

I live in Northern California and occasionally trade beer/glassware as well, so if you want to round out a trade's value with some Pliny or the like, just let me know!  I'll also trade cards for stickers from your local brewery!

Since we're all asking one another to suspend our better judgement by sending valuables through the mail to strangers, communication goes a long way with me!  Please don't propose a swap without introducing yourself.  If you're friendly and communicative, I'm easy to work with and am happy to trade small, big, or anywhere in between.  Happy trading!
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Tropical Island
1 $750.00Add to Cart
Memory Jar
1 $250.00Add to Cart
Howling Mine
1 $200.00Add to Cart
Jace, the Mind Sculptor
1 $200.00Add to Cart
Maze of Ith
1 $150.00Add to Cart
Liliana of the Veil
1 $150.00Add to Cart
Urza's Tower
1 $100.00Add to Cart
Sword of War and Peace
1 $100.00Add to Cart
Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God
1 $100.00Add to Cart
Rishadan Port
1 $85.00Add to Cart
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