Yannick Lemire (Vorag)
Canada - Quebec - Sherbrooke
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30-Jan-2023 20:08
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My Continent
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Canada, United States
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Im selling all my collection and NOT
accepting new trade. The only trade i may accept will be for older sets (alpha to 4th and side sets like legend, arabian night, etc), with high value single (100$+) or any single from reserved list.

I got some full set to sell:
Ravnica allegiance
Modern Horizon 1
Throne of Eldrain
Iconic Master
And more to come..
For any questions PM me

Ill make buisness in Canada and US only. See my shipping price below:

SHIPPING on Sales within CANADA
$2.00  1-10 Cards: Canada Post, No Tracking ($0.00 - $50.00)
$3.00  11 - 25 Cards: Canada Post, No Tracking ($5.00 - $50.00)
$5.00  26 - 50 Cards: Canada Post, No Tracking ($5.00 - $50.00)

If you looking for bulk, mail me first
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Mana Crypt
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Hypnotic Specter
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Cavern of Souls
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Dockside Extortionist
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Bloodstained Mire
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Flooded Strand
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Esper Sentinel
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Craterhoof Behemoth
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