Yannick Lemire (Vorag)
Canada - Quebec
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25-Jan-2021 17:18
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Canada, United States
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Hi! First of all im a collector and collecting 1 card of each from all sets. My wish list is the cards im missing to finish my sets. Im selling all cards a already have.

I would says 99% of my cards are pack fresh and im keeping my shop updated every week. Actually, im buying a booster box every week so plenty of new stuff weekly :D

If you see someting wrong in my list like heavy price or ridiculous low price, send me a mail so i can adjust.
Im doing lot of buisness outside deckbox too, so some listing errors may occur. Im doing my best to keep my list up to date.

Ill make buisness in Canada and US only. See my shipping price below:

SHIPPING on Sales within CANADA
$2.00  1-10 Cards: Canada Post, No Tracking ($0.00 - $50.00)
$3.00  11 - 25 Cards: Canada Post, No Tracking ($5.00 - $50.00)
$5.00  26 - 50 Cards: Canada Post, No Tracking ($5.00 - $50.00)

If you looking for bulk, mail me first
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Aether Vial
1 $34.55Add to Cart
Hangarback Walker
1 $33.25Add to Cart
Scroll Rack
1 $27.90Add to Cart
Grim Tutor
1 $20.80Add to Cart
Elder Gargaroth
1 $18.77Add to Cart
Neheb, the Eternal
1 $17.96Add to Cart
Opposition Agent
2 $17.52Add to Cart
Ancient Greenwarden
1 $14.86Add to Cart
Ancient Greenwarden
1 $14.73Add to Cart
Questing Beast
1 $13.55Add to Cart
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