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NOTICE: Currently, I'm doing a lot of reorganizing with my collection because of a big move.
I'm NOT CURRENTLY TAKING ANY FURTHER TRADE OFFERS at this time, as I'm having to reevaluate what cards I want to keep or not, and how I'm organizing everything. Please understand, and thank you for patience.

Hi! I mostly started this as a way to keep track of everything that I have so I don't buy duplicates, but I've recently been getting into trading.

My conditions:
- I only trade within the USA.
- Since I'm newer at trading, I expect to send my end of things first.
- For cards under a dollar, the condition I have listed may not necessarily be accurate. I will check the conditions and let you know if they are not Near Mint if they are requested for a trade.
- For the cards I'm looking for that specify an edition, I normally care about the specific art from that edition. I'll let you know if that's not the case if you send an offer.

If a trade has over 20 cards, is over $30 total, or has any card over/around $15, I'll send mine with tracking. Otherwise, I will send it in a plain white envelope.

If I don't hear a response from you in over 2 weeks, I'll probably just cancel the trade so I don't have stuff tied up. Feel free to re-propose a trade, though.
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