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Hi there! I'm always looking to trade. That said... BE COURTEOUS!!! If someone proposes a trade, you should AT A MINIMUM respond with a message if you're on the site! Don't just ignore people!

Almost exclusively an EDH player now <yay>. Finally mustered the will to get myself out of Modern <sigh>.

TCG MARKET pricing, please! Less important for smaller trades, but some of the higher-ticket items can be wildly inaccurate with Deckbox pricing.

When mailing, the higher-priced trades (usually if greater than $20-30) will get shipment tracking numbers on my end. Also, if I'm mailing out 10+ cards together, I'll likely decide to ship with tracking as well. Please be kind and do the same for me! If you have specific requests for how you'd like to arrange shipping with me, just let me know.

If you have less than 20 completed trades or any feedback less than a perfect 100%, I would prefer it if you send first, but I can certainly be flexible.

*Largest trade to date: ~$120.00 value

Thanks for looking!

I have *3* SEALED packs of Battle for Zendikar full art lands as well as *2* SEALED packs of Oath of the Gatewatch full art lands (Fat-Pack land pack). I'll trade these away for whatever the current market value for such a sealed product seems to be at the time. Just ask me as part of a trade proposal!
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