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Hello!  I am looking to acquire cards for my commander decks.  I love foils, promos, and masterpieces, but am ok with normal prints of cards.  Message me if you see anything you would like!

Very Interested in acquiring full art lands from unstable.  Need all!

I also try and keep trades above $15-$20 to make things a bit more worth the shipping costs.  But if the right trade comes along, I let this rule slide, so it never hurts to throw a trade up there!

After some close calls with trades, I will not be sending first from here on out.  I request that we send at the same time.  If this bothers you, you can reach out to Codie Messer or Amarus Cameron for references.  I have done numerous high value trades with both of these gentlemen on deckbox and in person.
Thank you!
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