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I started playing and collecting cards around the time 4th Edition and Ice Age came out (1995), and stopped buying more cards roughly around Apocalypse (2001).  I never stopped playing, and a friend of mine has recently gotten into the game, pulling me back in as well.  I've gotten some newer cards ranging back to about Mirrodin Besieged through Born of the Gods, and picked up on the rules that have been "refined" over the past decade or two (no mana burn!?).

I prefer face to face trading (and potentially playing), but I'd be willing to mail a few cards.

Regarding trades:

1. I greatly prefer not to trade cross-format, as many Standard cards will lose value over time.  That being said, some Standard cards like the shocklands will hold their value.

2. I'm not a value-nazi, but if I'm trading away a $15 card, I'll expect to get a roughly $15 card in return.  Not five $3 cards.

3. I prefer that trades are about $10 in value or higher; otherwise it's hardly worth the effort/shipping.

4. I mail cards in sleeves and toploaders, and depending on the value of the trade, I'll either stuff that in a bubble mailer or wrap up the toploaders in plastic wrap and cardboard and put that in a standard envelope.

You're welcome to propose anything — the worst that can happen is my declining, but I'll look through your tradelist and try to make it work first!

Note: 4th Edition cards marked as promos are the Alternate Edition.  Also, I recently attended a Grand Prix and traded a hell of a lot of cards, so my inventory on here needs to be re-done.  I think I've marked off all the cards I no longer have, so I AM ACCEPTING TRADES AGAIN.  In the off chance you do find one of these cards that has been traded away already, I will let you know.

Reddit username: Zargathe
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