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Chad Brown (ZombieSleeve)
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United States - Wisconsin - Madison
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29-Feb-2024 19:17
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Reddit MTG Trades, Set Collectors Set Completion Set Trading, Honorable Circle of Magi
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--Active Trader--

Ravnica Remastered
For the first couple weeks of the RVR set I want to try to trade RVR for RVR, especially the lands.  I have no use for foils, so please trade me your non-foils for the shiny ones you want.

Land Trade:
I've got a number of Shocks and Fetches in my trade list - I'm saving these to trade into missing lands from this list:!c3590.384.63.64.79

Sealed Product for Trade:

I have the Following Sealed Secret Lairs and Product I'm happy to include in any trade at reasonable TCG or comparable value.  If we have a big trade I'll cover shipping.  If you're not sending much, I may ask for some additional value for the shipping difference.

Secret Lairs:
More Adventures in Middle Earth
Showcase: Strixhaven (Foil)
The Full-Text Lands (Foil)
Artist Series: Sam Burley
Draw Your Hand
Phyrexian Faves
The 90's Binder Experience

Sealed Boxes:
Mystery Booster Convention Edition Booster
(Original Set - Draft)
Dominaria United (Set Booster)
Dominaria United Jumpstart
New Capenna (Set Booster) x 5

Sealed Packs (unweighed, untampered with - all prize support from MagicFests/GPs
1x Dominaria Remastered Draft Boosters
Guilds of Ravnica
Throne of Eldraine
Conspiracy (CNS)
Core Set 2020
Modern Horizons 2 Draft Boosters
Dominaria United Draft Boosters
The Brothers’ War Draft Boosters
Streets of New Capenna Draft Boosters
Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Draft Boosters
Wilds of Eldraine Draft Boosters
March of the Machine Draft Boosters
Phyrexia: All Will Be One Draft Boosters
Innistrad: Crimson Vow Draft Boosters
Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Draft Boosters

Commander Precons:
Kaldheim - Phantom Premonitions (WU)
Kaldheim - Elven Empire (BG)
Dominaria United - Painbow (WUBRG)
Dominaria United - LEgend's Legacy (RBW)

I'm a set completionist looking to complete all sets from 8th Edition forward.  Where possible, I like to finish showcase and alt-art sets too.

If you like making big trades when new sets come out to complete your set collections faster, come join the Set Collector community:

My wants are all toward completing all sets since 8th Edition

If I'm looking for a specific card and have another version for trade I will usually trade you 1 for 1 if the value is similar.  This means in some cases you can get a foil or alt art for a regular ver. - if the value is very different I can lean the trade in your favor.
Always willing to pad trades with Commander staples and occasionally just value (to make a trade work).

Not usually interested in receiving Foils, unless specifically requested, as I don't need them and will be happy to trade you mine! 

- I always reward trades with a special gift from my side, hope you enjoy it!

- Note regarding Art Cards -
All Art Card wants are only really for padding a trade or as a throw in if you feel so kind. 

- Note for Previous Trade Partners:
If you're a FB Trader as well, I'm looking to start trading there and need some Rep - If you're happy with our trades, please drop me a like over here and leave a comment.

Relevant only when in NL:

Tracking costs in the Netherlands are very high €11 minimum! So if you want tracking I'd be happy to split it with you or will pay for it on trades over €60.  If we agree to not use tracking I cannot be held responsible for lost packages.  I'll confirm this with any trader before sending. 

Trading outside of Europe when the value is there.  Can get US traders any card available on MagicCardMarket as part of trade (with a trade increase in my favor for the effort) - Message me to discuss.
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