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About me: I'm almost exclusively a casual player and the love the game for that aspect.  EDH and its variants are really my loves/focus.  Almost everything in my inventory is tradeable, it just has to be for the right thing...I tend to grade verbatim to TCGplayers condition guidelines.  Any exceptions to that I will bring up in the trade.   
In addition to deckbox trading, I'm currently a level 4 seller on TCGplayer (store name: Ace n Play) with a 100% customer rating.  I'm slowly entering my tradeable collection, so not all are there.  I'm open-minded and fair regarding trades and as long as deckbox's pricing isn't terribly skewed on a card, I'm generally good with using deckbox's tally. If anyone is going to use something other than Deckbox, I use trade values against TCGplayer low prices (since that would be what it would cost for you or me to buy this minute).    I am always on the look out for revised/unlimited dual lands and I will provide more value if I'm trading up, regardless of whether or not i initiate the trade.  The exception to that is trading RL cards for RL cards.  All masterpieces and expeditions in my wishlist are "nice to haves", not things I'm actively pursuing, so I'm generally not inclined to provide value in trading for them.
At a minimum I send with tracking due to my local post office's talent for losing untracked mail.  So to justify the tracking cost I try to only trade in significant values to offset the tracking costs. 
Please be patient with communications, sometimes my work/life schedule is very intense.  Happy trading!

Per indirect request: If I you don't have much deckbox trade cred I'm probably going to ask you to send first (to me this amounts to common trade courtesy).

Sealed product I have for trade:
- All Commander 2013 Decks
- All Commander 2017 Decks
- All Commander 2018 Decks
- Archenemy Nicol Bolas
- Planechase Anthology
- FTV: Annihiliation
- Duel Decks: Izzet vs Golgari (Japanese), Zendikar vs Eldrazi, Nissa vs Ob Nixilis, Venser vs Koth, Merfolk vs Goblins
- Ultimate Masters individual booster packs (trading at TCGLow/pack value)
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