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Casual commander and cube player who enjoys the shiny.  Feel free to open trades regardless if you don't have anything from my wishlist, I love looking through collections.

Especially looking for Foil Ukiyo-E lands for my cube. Have a ton of non-foil for tradeup but willing to trade other cards for them.

I'm a very hard grader but won't get fussy receiving lp vs NM since they're so often confused, below that I'd very much like a "heads up".  My cards are listed default nm aside from a few obvious HP because I was in a hurry to get them up but I will absolutely pull them and confirm condition before accepting any trade.

I'm a big fan of communication. Talking avoids mistakes and missunderstandings.

I'm very unlikely to trade down to any significant degree.

Deckbox prices are fine-ish but I always check TCG low and should there be a large discrepancy I'll ask that TCG take precedence.

I prefer to send and receive with tracking  and bubble mailer but on smaller trades willing to do PWE.

I'm quite active and don't like my cards to languish in limbo so if I've received no response within five-ish days of opening a trade I'll cancel. If you see it after and would like to reopen that's fine with me.
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