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Aren Turpening (arenturp)
United States - California
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Feel free to browse my collection!

Basically, I want to make this experience as painless as possible.  I'm open to most trade suggestions.  I'm looking to build my collection of pre-Mirage sets and I'm willing to let go of most anything in the more recent sets (Ixalan and after).  I'm building a few Standard decks as well, so I may turn down a selection here and there.

I will ship almost anywhere as long it doesn't require any special packaging.  When you ship to me, please do not require signature for receipt.  My post office is already hard enough to deal with and I'd rather not chase around packages that I cannot sign for.
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Firesong and Sunspeaker
1 $18.50Add to Cart
Search for Azcanta
2 $17.00Add to Cart
Walking Ballista
2 $16.00Add to Cart
Vraska's Contempt
2 $11.00Add to Cart
1 $7.00Add to Cart
Drowned Catacomb
1 $7.00Add to Cart
Sunpetal Grove
5 $6.00Add to Cart
Legion's Landing
1 $6.00Add to Cart
Dive Down
1 $5.00Add to Cart
Huatli, Radiant Champion
1 $5.00Add to Cart
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