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Charlie *Please read bio (atomicashes)
United States - Washington - Auburn
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- Right now I'm only looking to trade if the value is significantly (25%) in my favor. I use Tcg mid for pricing. If your proposal doesn't meet this I'll probably pass on it.

- The upside of the previous rule is that I'm willing to take most any NM English cards worth over $10 or so that I don't already have a ton of copies of and I'm willing to trade most any cards for them. I try to keep my wishlist up to date but am willing to look at what you have if you have.  I'll trade fetches, Snapcasters, etc. for piles of $10+ cards on these terms. The only cards I will not trade for are date stamped cards.

- Please do not send me certified mail or anything requiring a signature if it's avoidable. Just track a package and that's enough - I'm on the hook if it shows as delivered and I claim not to have it. But I don't want to have to go to the post office to have to get your package, and I don't want to risk having it lost by bouncing around in the postal system longer than is necessary.

-I'm always interested in high value foils so feel free to offer those cards in trades.

- If your karma is lower than mine I may ask you to send first. This will depend on the size of the trade.
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