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Charlie Anderson (atomicashes)
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United States - Washington - Auburn
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Hi. I sell at 20% off of whatever Tcg lowest price is for the same condition card. As deckbox prices are often incorrect, I will check them after purchase and propose an accurate price. If you wish to discuss prices, please do before purchasing. I'm happy to try to work out a deal.
I rarely trade non standard for standard. The cards would need to be a very high priority for me to do so.

Feedback 10 or less needs to send first. I'll ship cards upon receipt.
-Delivery confirmation only if requested
-$10 minimum on trades

I also make custom tokens and proxies. Follow me on Instagram @atomicashes to see what I've done or request something.
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1 $51.47Add to Cart
Krark-Clan Ironworks
1 $21.67Add to Cart
Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund
1 $20.76Add to Cart
Bloodline Keeper
1 $15.86Add to Cart
Defense of the Heart
1 $14.22Add to Cart
Sorin Markov
1 $13.94Add to Cart
Primeval Titan
1 $12.64Add to Cart
Walking Ballista
1 $12.00Add to Cart
Bloodline Keeper
1 $11.47Add to Cart
Vedalken Orrery
1 $11.27Add to Cart
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