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I have played Magic since 1995. Around 2002, I took a break which turned into 8 years!!  I started back up in 2010. I have a collection of nearly 100,000 cards with a little over 75,000 of them listed on Deckbox.

I will work with anyone wanting to make a fair trade. If my cards are in less than NM condition, I will let you know ahead of time. I do buy a lot of collections and sometimes the cards I obtain are played. I try to go by the grading scale on Blackborder.com when looking at condition.

As long as my feedback is lower than that of the person with whom I am trading, I expect to ship first and would expect the same in return.

I do not like to trade cards from my inventory, but I will if a good deal can be struck. Even then I usually will not trade inventory unless I own more than a playset. I am a collector as well as a casual player, so I will not trade off any cards that are a one-of copy.

Sorry, but I do not do any trades outside of the U.S.

I usually like to keep my trades over $10 to make the shipping worthwhile. So if you offer a trade, try to make it feasible to ship. Thanks!


My biggest Deckbox trade to date:  $298.00, completed 11/25/13.

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