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- Please don't use courier services like TNT, DHL, GLS, etc. to send me cards. They often dump the cards at their pick-up points and these can be a pain in the ass to get to. Tracking is fine, but please use your country's regular postal services.

- If your total feedback is below 30 or if you have any neutral / negative feedback, you send first. Once I've received your cards, I'll send out my part of the trade.

- If you have 30 or more feedback and it's 100% positive, we send simultaneously. If we've successfully traded before and your feedback is still 100% positive, we send simultaneously even if it's below 30.

- Please ALWAYS use toploaders or similar protection when sending cards.

- I rarely use tracking as it tends to be prohibitively expensive. Only trades around the $50 mark and upward on each end will be eligible for this.

- Please always use the chatbox - it's there for a reason. Any trades proposed without an accompanying message will be canceled immediately, and a severe lack of communication in accepted trades will result in neutral feedback at best. I will always attempt to get back to you in a timely manner and I expect the same in return. Unfortunately it seems I can't stress this enough.

- First come, first served when cards are in multiple trades simultaneously.

- I also have the following playmats available for trade:

*Griselbrand (SP)


Thanks for reading!
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