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Sup Deckbox! Been playing Magic off-and-on for like three decades. Have been heavily back into it. I play Modern and Commander (and limited when I can). I have certain cards/artist that I just enjoy and sorta collect. Trading is fun!!! And this is a great way to expand the possibilities.

I trade just like most people: smaller trades in a PWE, larger in a bubble-mailer with tracking. We can always figure out the details with some communication. I'm totally open to trade overseas - I actually find it kinda fun. I'm not especially concerned with condition unless something is particularly munched (I'd actually rather "pay" less for slightly beat up cards - I just want to play). Most of my cards from newer sets are straight from pack to sleeve/binder (M/NM) but if you are a stickler for condition please let me know so I can look over everything with more scrutiny. All of my sets should be accurately reflected but, again, if this is of major importance to you please let me know.

I love when I can get my hands on Spanish cards! I also like French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian. If you've got cool foreign cards of this nature, please let me know! I also ALWAYS prefer cards with the classic frame (pre-8th edition) over modern-framed cards, if available.

I am looking for an Underground Sea to round out my collection of dual lands (it's the only one I'm missing) and am willing to part with other high-value RL cards for it (got a Mox Diamond with your name on it). Would love to make something happen there.

I have a crimped "Dracula, The Voyager (Edgar, Charmed Groom)" that I'm looking to get rid of, if you're into that sort of thing. I also have the Secret Lair Foil "Persistent Petitioners" (Card #599) which, for some reason isn't showing up on deckbox.

I have the following sealed Secret Lair products that I'd be willing to part with if the deal is right: Saturday Morning D&D, Artist Series: Mark Poole, Secret Lair x MSCHF, Special Guest: Jen Bartel, Thrilling Tales of the Undead (x2), Monster Movie Marathon (x2), Mirrodinsanity (Foil), Welcome to Castle Dracula, Artist Series: Seb McKinnon, Secret Lair x Street Fighter, Introducing: Kaito Shizuki, Li'l Walkers, Special Guest: Yuko Shimizu, Pictures of the Floating World, Kamigawa: The Manga: The cards. I also have two Phyrexian Praetor Secret Lairs that are opened but still have the cards sealed in the plastic (yeah I was chasing Viscera Seer).

Let's get some trade on!
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