Olivier Cloutier (blackrose00)
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Currently have a M13 Complete Set Factory Sealed available for trade.

I've been playing since revised.  Collecting every set to have one of each card that exists.  Playing for fun mostly, favorite formats is Cube drafting and Legacy.

I only want english cards and I don't want any foils unless specifically listed as such. The foils are only to pimp my cube. 

I don't mind trading down cards but I want at least a card that is worth about 2/3 of the card i'm trading away.  A 20$ card for a 15$ card and 5 x 1$ cards ok, A 20$ card for 10 2$ cards, no way.

Tracking in Canada is expensive so I will only use it if the traded cards are really worth it.  Will ship in penny sleeve and top loader.  Bubble mailer or plain envelope depending on the number of cards in the trade.

I'm trying to finish complete sets and currently working on M10 to M15 and origins.  I often have the proper card but not in the proper set so if you want to do trades one for one in a trade for other stuff it would really help me.

If something has 99 next to it, it means I do want it, but not at this current time, preferably when the price drops.

I'll double-check with mtgstocks/tcgplayer prices on most trades, just to make sure prices are not off too much on deckbox.

I speak French and English

Trades of at least 10$ are preferable
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