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Jennifer Lee (botahnikal)
Canada - Manitoba - Winnipeg
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Last seen online:
19-Jul-2023 16:21
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Not Trading
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Canada, United States
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Canadian Traders, MTG Market
This user has set their status to on vacation. You can not trade or buy cards from him until he comes back. Feel free to check out their bio or send him an email to ask for details.
User Bio
I'm @botahnikal on Insta/Twitter
Discord: botahnikal
Whatnot: botahnikal

All my current links and projects can be found at:

I have references from Whatnot!

*I am only selling MtG cards, not trading - when I need cards I just buy them, thanks!*
BTW I like English + Non-Foil cards mostly.  With some exceptions.  Big fan of: Non-foil showcase cards!

About my Cards:
* July 9, 2023 Update: WoW cards are all added, slowly adding my MtG singles inventory.
* I alter cards and often have alters available for purchase, contact me directly or visit my Whatnot to see the selection.
* If possible, please discuss with me before putting in a purchase.  This allows me to confirm 100% correct inventory (I sell on Whatnot too + alter cards) as well as make sure I can post packages in a timely manner. 
* I'm willing to take pictures of cards you may be interested in and discuss condition!
* Shipping is only sent with tracking, which is why it's so spendy.  I will not send without tracking, sorry!
* It's hard for me to maintain a Wishlist currently.  Maybe it will be more effective down the road - thanks for understanding! :)

WoW TCG Cards:
* Please contact me if you're interested in my cards - I am willing to make trades for MtG cards only (open to reasonable trades, but not bulk randoms).
* If you're interested in buying WoW cards, please contact me privately until Deckbox creates a marketplace :)
* Collection FYI all loot cards are scratched, and only a handful of the cards are foils.
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