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I started playing MTG in high school when Ice Age came out but stopped after Urza block due to college and grad school.  I started playing again when Zendikar released and have been at it since.  My wife and I mostly play EDH with friends and I play modern spirits and legacy maverick at the LGS (not currently happening due to covid).

I'm gradually foiling my casual dinosaur deck.  Since I already have normal copies, the foils on my wishlist are low priority, but are always welcome as filler to even up a trade.

**Card Conditions**
I'm happy to take a quick picture of any cards marked less than NM and share an imgur link in the trade chat.

**Shipping - small trades**
PWE for trades under $30 unless you want tracking on lesser trades.  Cards will be packaged carefully and guarded against moisture.

**Shipping - medium trades**
Padded envelope + tracking for trades over $30.

*Shipping - large trades**
Padded envelope + tracking + insurance for trade value + I'll take continuous video of it being packaged and deposited in secure shipping receptacle.

*Up/Down Trades*
I generally use the 10-15% bonus guideline to the party who is trading down for most trades.
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