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I am now slowly sorting and adding cards up for sale. I am more than happy to take pictures to verify any card conditions that I have listed. I am going through my collection now to try my best to accurately mark my cards.

I don't have much on my wish list because I rarely play anything other than cube at this point. I may still trade for some staples if I happen to have something you want.
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Inkmoth Nexus
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Inkmoth Nexus
1 $35.00Add to Cart
Winota, Joiner of Forces
1 $23.00Add to Cart
Starfield of Nyx
1 $16.00Add to Cart
Starfield of Nyx
2 $15.00Add to Cart
Triumph of the Hordes
1 $14.00Add to Cart
Mechanized Production
1 $12.00Add to Cart
Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis
1 $11.50Add to Cart
Sarkhan Unbroken
1 $11.00Add to Cart
Captivating Vampire
1 $11.00Add to Cart
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