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I WILL NEVER TRADE FOR CARDS TOTALLING LESS THAN MINE. I only accept TCGPlayer market as the real price for traded items.

I am willing to help new traders out on trade of $5 and less. If you do not have at least 5 positive trades, your offer totaling over $5 will be not considered. No card offers worth over $100 without pictures please.

If you offer a trade. You send first! Unless you have a huge feedback history.

I am really only interested in completing my 1994-1999 sets now. Although I am always interested in cards from the reserve list and anything Alpha/Beta/Unlimited. Moderate play or better please.

I only trade alphas & betas for other alphas & betas.

I will ignore and cancel all trades offering a bunch of cheap cards for my expensive cards!

Air Force vet. I have been selling/trading MTG for since 2004. Please see my eBay/TCGPlayer accounts for my track record.

I have almost 6K positive feedback on TCGplayer and thousands of sales on Ebay!

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Birds of Paradise
1 $3,977.58Add to Cart
Polluted Delta
1 $636.32Add to Cart
Transmute Artifact
2 $567.62Add to Cart
3 $278.92Add to Cart
Aura Shards
1 $263.62Add to Cart
Ironroot Treefolk
2 $201.74Add to Cart
Ancient Tomb
1 $191.18Add to Cart
Doubling Season
1 $181.72Add to Cart
2 $169.88Add to Cart
Force of Will
1 $166.92Add to Cart
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