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Jordan (cahoots)
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Canada - British Columbia - Vancouver
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*inventory/prices UPDATED!*

I am a longtime player-turned-casual-EDHer currently looking to downsize and telescope my card collection. I have been unloading cards in bulk at my LGS, but I would rather sell or trade the choice bits to you guys.

My wishlist is short, but please do not hesitate to make an offer if you see something you want -- haggling and negotiations should be sociable and fun, and because of my goals, I would rather get rid of cards than not.

With few exceptions, I ship in PWE, cards double-sleeved and then taped inside of a toploader. If I'm out of toploaders, I use a square of cardboard - it's ghetto, but it works! Sales I will ship out as quickly as possible in a Bubblemailer. Moving forward I will be charging ~11 USD for tracking on sales ($30+) across the border.

Shuffle 'em up!
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Herald's Horn
1 $15.00Add to Cart
Life from the Loam
1 $12.00Add to Cart
Traverse the Outlands
1 $11.00Add to Cart
Lord of the Undead
1 $10.00Add to Cart
1 $10.00Add to Cart
Treetop Village
1 $10.00Add to Cart
Sidisi, Undead Vizier
1 $9.50Add to Cart
Sarkhan Vol
1 $8.00Add to Cart
Dreadhorde Invasion
1 $7.00Add to Cart
Umbral Mantle
1 $7.00Add to Cart
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