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I'm really busy and might not have time for a trade. but on some occasions I do have time to complete a trade.

Pretty much only looking for trades within the United States, may consider Canada.

Prefer Trades over $15 to cover material cost.

I will refer to TCGPlayer median values for pricing against deckbox's prices. Seeing that most people check against TCGPlayer I will do the same and don't believe it should be an issue for others.

As for trading for some of my stuff, I would prefer that they be fair and that modern trades have modern cards on both ends. I understand most people want to trade up however if the courtesy is given to you I would like the same courtesy later on.

Packaging & Shipping
I almost always use USPS with delivery confirmation, I know it's more expensive but most of my trades are at least $15. Use whatever is best for you, however if a trade is over $30 I would like you to use delivery confirmation so I can track the package. Once a trade hits 40+ you must use delivery confirmation or greater.

Packaging :
I always use a top loader and wrap the cards with paper to blunt the edges. I've seen cards arrive half way out of the mailer because the corners pierced the cheap envelope.

I usually have some sealed stuff too if anyone is interested,they're unmapped side effect of drafting or just random purchases at the store.

Booster Boxes :
Return to Ravnica 1x
Innistrad 1x
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