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N.B., I might be slow to respond currently as I'm pretty busy with non-magic things, but I'm still willing to trade if you're not in a hurry. Sorry for any delays in getting back to you. Once I confirm shipping, I do ship promptly.

Important to me:
1) Condition
2) Newer Edition with Holofoil Oval (not foils)
3) Artwork

Want Priorities:
1) Revised Dual Lands
2) Shock Lands (RTR/GTC)
3) Masters Cards (i.e. Iconic, Eternal, Modern, ...)

Love to trade away:
1) Played cards (anything not NM+)
2) Foils
3) Older editions that were recently reprinted

Note on Trade Value: I prefer using tcgplayer market price, but it's not always worth looking up all the cards. If something in the trade seems off because of deckbox marketplace wonkiness, I'll check tcgplayer first.

Note on Tradelist: Not everything on my tradelist should be. I programmatically generate it based on my current decks and a manually curated want list, so stuff often gets on there that I don't want to part with, especially if I recently purchased it. Feel free to add whatever to a trade offer. I'll let you know if it got on there by mistake.

Note on Condition: Condition matters to me. Please be honest and accurate when rating your cards. I refer to Blackborder, TCGPlayer, and SCG condition guides when assessing a card's condition. I frequently receive cards that are listed as NM that are SP. Please don't surprise me. If your cards aren't NM, I want to know before we confirm trade. This also means that I'm looking to move cards that are SP (generally that I received in some other trade).

Mint = Pack to sleeve with gloved hands, unplayed, 0 print imperfections, perfectly-centered, etc.

NM = No clouding, scratches, edge nicks, or wear under close inspection. Card is generally pack to sleeve and unplayed.

NM- = Has minor edge nicks, or a minor scratch or two under close inspection. Most cards that are drafted.

SP = Minor clouding, scratches, or white marks on the edges on close inspection. Most cards that have seen sleeve play. Looks NM from table distance.

Played = Card wear is noticeable without close inspection.

If the condition of a card in my tradelist is marked as poor, it means it's a miscut card.

Used to trade on motl under crashenx

Favorite Traders:

Bad Trade Experience:
Vincentarasin (Chris O'Neal)
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