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Michael Matheny (croakerbc)
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United States - Tennessee - Nashville
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I am an avid collector that got into magic originally when Revised was just coming out, and collected for a few years before selling most of my top Beta cards and stopped playing until 2017.

I'm willing to trade, buy, and sell, my only restriction is to only trade reserved cards for reserved cards.

If someone with a much higher score wants me to send cards first for trades, I'm happy to do that, and for most trades > $10-15 dollars, I use tracking..

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Join Shields
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Blossoming Defense
4 $0.50Add to Cart
Aether Hub
3 $0.50Add to Cart
Renegade Wheelsmith
1 $0.40Add to Cart
Flameblade Adept
1 $0.35Add to Cart
Die Young
1 $0.35Add to Cart
Reckless Racer
1 $0.35Add to Cart
Winding Constrictor
5 $0.35Add to Cart
Treasure Keeper
2 $0.30Add to Cart
Ice Over
5 $0.30Add to Cart
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