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I recognize that I'm new here and will need to trade first. At least for the time being, I'm only really interested in trading with people who have a high enough feedback rating such that I'm comfortable sending first.

I'm currently only really looking for foils for my cube, but am open to checking out lists to cover any small discrepancies. I prefer to use TCGMarket, unless there is a clear buyout, in which case I'd be open to a discussion involving finding an agreement somewhere between TCGMarket and TCGMedian.

I'd prefer PWE for trades under $20, tracking for those over $50, and open to discussion for things in between.

I have a fair amount of trades logged on MTGSalvation from when I actively traded there and was a Trade administrator (5 years ago), but it's been a while since then.

I also have a sealed pack of the Commander's Arsenal oversized cards available.

Note: My initial version of my profile said I prefer TCGMedian, but I meant TCGMarket.
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