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currently building some oldschool decks, so if we're trading, do me a favor and let me know if you've got revised or earlier versions of something on my wishlist- happy to trade newer versions back to be more technically correct, lol.

brief things:

have 2x foil sheets of war of the spark available

i trade using tcg market because it's reflective of what things are actually selling for...swings both for and against my favor, so it's not a situational request.

if there's over 4 of something on my wishlist, it's there as a card i'd randomly pick up or could be used as filler in a trade, but it's not something i'm dying to get.

Trades near or under 30$ will usually go out in a plain white envelope bc they're kinda small- 35$+ will almost always be bubble mailer with tracking unless you're a repeat trader.  If you have sparse to no feedback, I will be requiring you to send first...that's just common sense.

L1 judge in OH.  Stopped playing at Stronghold and sold off most stuff before college, started playing again recently because a buddy came back from Iraq and wanted to do something we hadn't done in well over a decade...wow power creep on creatures since then.
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