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datis_7 (datis_7)
Canada - Ontario - Toronto
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Canada, United States
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Toronto Traders, Canadian Traders, Weds Night Magic and board games, MTG Market
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if you are a collector or just picky with your NM condition, please ask for a scan first. i don't do tracking # unless trade is over 100$ in value. if purchasing and tracking is preffered then add 20$ charge.
im currently trading my high valued cards only for legacy stuff or high valued foils. top priorities;.
casual player, play all colours but my fav is bug

my preference in cards are:
either foil or non-foil oldest editions, old foils is best. English only. prefer to have a minimum of lightly played condition in the cards I trade for. no special editions like duel decks and such (commander only if necessary)
I don't trade cards from my inventory.
im fairly relaxed in trading and that includes shipping time so I don't care for tracking#'s or how fast you will ship it, this goes for over packaging aswell, all thats needed is a simple top loader filled with the sleeved card opening first.
my wish list isn't 100% complete so if really interested in something, set up the trade for me to find something
disclaimer; if there is a BIG price change in a card being sold, I will cancel order to readjust price, this site sucks at giving protection from this. I don't pay attention to my pricing constantly as I have too many cards listed and trying to downsize

I may not talk or respond in trades. If theres no change to a trade for a week or longer then im most likely to cancel

largest trade has been 250
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Galvanic Blast
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Thelon of Havenwood
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Reclamation Sage
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Walk the Aeons
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Viscera Seer
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Khalni Hydra
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Braid of Fire
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Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni
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Mishra, Artificer Prodigy
4 $13.00Add to Cart
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