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Matt H. (derby625)
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United States - Florida - Miami
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Played a lot from 95-00 and 09-13. Now just casually playing with the occasional draft. Traded on MtG Salvation in the past and bought/sold on eBay; Here’s my MtGS feedback :
(Largest trade there was >$400)

Hurr Jackal and the Mark Tedin Lord of the Pit are my favorite art on cards. I want to have a million of them. For real.
Current count: 192 Hurr Jackal and 379 Lord of the Pit

I like even trades. No need for any trade to require a premium for one person over another. Also no minimum for trades. I'm totally cool with swapping one dollar cards.

I may be stingy with reserved list cards. Any trades that involve me giving them up should include other RL cards or a card I really need.

My foreign 3rd Edition Revised cards are mostly FBB (with some FWB). Please note that FBB prices are much greater than their white bordered English counterparts and the incorrect prices listed on deckbox.

I've tried grading most of my cards. Conditions of the older cards may vary; before any trade occurs I'll be sure to verify condition.

I will respond to all trade inquiries and ask you to do the same. It's just courteous. If there's not a match, let me know and we can both move on but I appreciate more than just a "no thanks," especially when I have a ton of your wants.

Currently working on a complete set of Unlimited and if you have what I need, I am willing to dip into my larger haves (not listed).

Any dual lands currently listed are only for trades to complete my Unlimited set. I may also be stingy with older printings of cards (ie won't trade Unlimited for M19)

I also want signed cards from any set Unlimited through Weatherlight for my complete sets and can trade back a non-signed version.
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