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***** UPDATE 11/6/2017 ******
Work and family life have been fairly crazy lately, and I'm trading a lot less than I used to. My Wishlist is so tiny that it's almost ridiculous at this point. If you don't have anything on my Wishlist, unfortunately it's not likely that I'll be interested in a trade right now. When everything else settles down, I'll remove this and be much more open to "trying to make something work" with folks!

***** NOTE ON SHIPPING *****
Please, please, please don't send your cards to me "Cerfified" or with "Signature Confirmation" or anything that requires a signature. TRACKING is great and I've got a mail slot — so if the mail carrier confirms that it was delivered in the tracking, it's inside my house and safe (and there's no way I can argue otherwise since I'm putting this out there publicly!). When I have to sign for a package, I'm never home during the day so I have to take an hour out of another day to drive to the post office and retrieve it, which I'd really rather not do! (If we're doing a very large trade, I'll probably be okay with you sending it certified. I just don't want to have to go to the post office for $20 worth of cards!)

I have a large collection, and while I've tried to be accurate on conditions when I imported things, it's possible that what's listed might not be accurate. The vast majority of my cards are in the NM-LP range, but please ask if you're concerned about specific cards. I can always send photos, particularly of higher value cards. If something gets overlooked and I send you cards that aren't in the condition you expect, let me know and I'll figure out how to make it right. I'd rather you be happy with the trade, leave me positive feedback and want to trade with me again!

If your feedback is low and we haven't traded before, I'll probably ask you to send first. I've got more than 1,000 completed trades on Deckbox with 100% positive feedback, so you can feel safe that you'll get the cards you trade for. When we exchange addresses, I'll pack up my end of the trade and have it ready to go as soon as your cards arrive.

When I get bored at work, I'll often propose MANY trades. So if I make a similar offer that you've already rejected, I apologize! Because of that, there's a chance that two people might accept trades for the same cards. If that happens, I'll go with the first trade accepted and will need to cancel the other trade.

I'm also looking for a few playmats:

• Tasipurr (SCG Open Series)
• Delver of Secrets (GP Seattle-Tacoma 2015)
• Treasure Cruise (GP San Jose 2015)

I'd be happy to trade playmats or cards for them.

***************** ROMANIA *****************
If you live in the wonderful country of Romania, I'm sure you're a great person and a trustworthy trader but I'm not going to be able to trade with you. I've made 4 trades with people in Romania, and literally 3 of them had a package lost by the Romanian postal service in one direction or the other. If you have a friend in a country whose postal service actually works, talk to me and maybe we can figure something out!

I've completed more than 1,000 trades on Deckbox (and more on other sites). Here are a couple of tips that I wish I'd known when I started:

• Packaging cards — if you're going to send without tracking and use a regular envelope, this method is great: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jotEMEqg-4c

• Shipping — if you're in the US and you use a regular envelope like the method above, a USPS first class (or "forever") stamp is all you need. If you use a bubble mailer (which I normally do for any trade above ~$30), use PayPal shipping and you can ship it for right around $2: http://www.paypal.com/shipnow
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