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United States - Oregon - Portland
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09-Jul-2024 20:57
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United States
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MTG Market, Portland
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Hi, thanks for visiting my page. I played MtG between Ice Age and Tempest and got back into it again during Khans of Tarkir. I'm a casual EDH and kitchen table player with an affinity for explosive or underplayed strategies.

Please ask about card conditions if that's important to you. I haven't graded any bulk bulk cards in my tradelist. I'm willing to inspect any card and provide a more accurate grade or photos if requested.

I'm open to trades of any size and enjoy looking through tradelists. I'm going to be particular when it comes to trading format staples, masterpieces, or similarly collectible cards, however.

I'm willing to sell any card on my tradelist for the listed selling price and I will honor the price regardless of any price spikes.

Note, I primarily use the selling feature for tracking purposes, hence why some cards are listed above deckbox or market values. But if the price is right for you, then it's right for me too.

I can make special mailing accommodations upon request, just let me know.

<$30: top loaders and mailed first class in PWE.
>$30: top loaders and bubble mailers with tracking.

$0.75 = Limited to 5 cards and less than $30 in PWE.
$1.50 = Limited to 12 cards and less than $30 in PWE.
$3.00 = Limited to 12 cards in a bubble mailer with tracking.
$4.50 = No limitations in a bubble mailer with tracking.
Free Shipping! = Orders over $50 qualify for free shipping in a bubble mailer with tracking.

Thanks for reading and happy trading!
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