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If you propose something, I will get back to you -- but probably during the weekend.

Favorite archetype: Boros. Burn baby burn :)

Current priorities: Pieces for Ponza (modern). Stuff for a wolves/werewolves jank commander deck. Also Standard/Modern goblins, but that is a bit lower.

I began playing magic in 2017 and am building up my collection in modern cards. I live in Portland and am willing to trade in-person or using mail.

Some deets about trading with me:

-I'm willing to do large and small trades as long as the value traded on each side is higher than the cost of postage
-I will verify the edition and condition of cards before finalizing a trade
-I will send by PWE for <$25 unless requested, with bubble mailer and tracking for >=$25
-I have no problems stagger-sending if your feedback is significantly higher than mine, but PLEASE let me know you want to stagger trade before you propose or accept any trade with me -- or I'll assume otherwise.
-If I have 10+ of a card on my wishlist, it's for padding -- I already have enough of them but wouldn't mind extras
-Please don't send by mail services I have to sign for unless the trade is >$100
-I love Spanish editions of cards and will gladly swap English for Spanish
-For the shock / fetchlands I have 4 or less of, I'm only willing to trade them for other shock or fetchlands. Feed free to propose trades for them and I'll let you know if that's the case.

More info:

No trade is too small for me unless the total being traded is less than the price of shipping. The only exception is that I'd prefer >$10 in trade value on each side to ship internationally. If you see something you'd like and I don't have anything you're trading on my wishlist, let me know and I'll check out your tradelist! Let me know if you have suggestions for what I could use from your list; I find that others have fantastic ideas for how I can take a deck to the next level.

I have auto-trade on and try to keep my decklists up to date, but there may occasionally be a few cards I am using that show up on my tradelist. I will let you know if that is the case. Even then, I'm usually not opposed to considering trades of cards in built decks if they are favorable.

I've tried to list the correct edition and condition of each of my cards but some of them are probably inaccurate. Most of my cards are in NM or LP condition, but I will update you with the condition of the card before accepting a trade.
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