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This site is great! I've been playing on-and-off since Ice Age. These days I play Commander in paper and sometimes draft or attend prereleases; I also play Commander and Modern on MTGO. Older cards have gotten really expensive, so it's super helpful to be able to trade unwanted older cards for cards you need.

Notes on trading:

- If my feedback score is lower than yours (which it probably is) I'll assume I'm sending first. I haven't had any issues with that so far.

- I'm fine with mailing in plain white envelopes (PWEs) for total value < $25 and will default to a bubble mailer with tracking above that.

- If "trading down" (i.e. sending more cards than one gets in return), I expect the value of the larger lot to exceed that of the smaller by ~20%.

- I probably won't trade reserved list cards for cards that aren't on the reserved list, but you are welcome to make an offer.

- I double-check all trades against TCG mid prices since the prices here are sometimes off (but usually they are OK).

- I've tried to list conditions and editions very carefully, but I am happy to confirm and send photos if useful.

Thanks for your interest! :-)
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