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Black Cats MTG (eldashgato)
United States - Texas - Austin
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Last updated 09/07/14

This is a mouthful, but please read:

If you propose a trade without saying something in the chat window, I will ignore it until you speak up.

Largest trade to date: ~150.00

I grind a lot of trades in person, so my tradelist might not be fully up to date. I apologize in advance if you pull a card and it's no longer available.

Several folks know me as the administrator for, a web forum for Magic players in and around Central Texas. If you'd like to trade with me in person, I'm a regular at Pat's Games, D-Lair, Card Traders, and Mothership.

*** TRADING ***

I collect miscut, foil, and foreign foil Black Cats. I am also trying to finish a global set of Necropotence, as well as a complete foil set of 7th Edition. (See my decklist to the left.) If you have anything on this list in NM condition, I am probably interested.

If I have something you're interested in, please pull what you'd like from me and ask me to take a peek at your tradelist. I am willing to dig items out of my personal inventory if you have some of the high/highest priority items on my wishlist.

My tradelist is nowhere close to comprehensive. I own about 1,700 lbs of cards, which includes just about every common and uncommon ever printed. If there is something you need, just shoot me a message and I will be happy to check availability

Please do not ask me to add several items to my tradelist--especially dozens of commons/uncommons for cubes or EDH decks--unless you are serious about hammering out a trade. If you back out after asking me to add a ton of cards, I will assume you're a troll. That said, I will try to give you a good deal if I'm trading up.

Other things I have for trade/sale:

- A couple thousand tokens
- Bulk foreign rares
- Bulk rares
- Bulk foil commons/uncommons
- FTV: 20 (Sealed in package)
- GP San Antonio Playmat (the banned one featuring turkeys defending the Alamo.) Valued at 250.00 cash, more in trade.
- New and gently used Ultra Pro vinyl binders
- Deckmasters Finkel vs. Garfield tin box

I can assemble several different common and uncommon playsets, including entire blocks, so feel free to ask.

*** MAILING ***

Since postage costs add up, I strongly prefer to negotiate trades worth at least $15.00. Please do not propose trades for individual $5.00 cards, etc.


If you live in Austin, I frequently buy and trade for bulk rares, foils, and commons/uncommons at rates better than anyone else in town, including all the stores. Message me for details.
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