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Rachel Hahn (elitepaperclip)
United States - Oregon - Corvallis
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Hi y'all -
I am primarily a collector who resides in the Continental US of A. I have a lot of very specific pet projects that I work on, which is part of why I use deckbox. As I'm sure you can tell, I want a lot of cards that are NON-ENGLISH and that is very important to me. If the card is listed as a non-english want, please do not ask me if I will take an English copy instead.
That being said, I do ship internationally. While international shipping cost is always a thing, I do offer and trade premiums for non-english cards to help encourage international trades. Just ask, I'll do my best to make it worth your while.
I will also trade for the following non-Card Items:
- Ultimate Guard 18-Pocket Side-Loading pages in any color (the pockets can't be stretched).
- KMC Perfect Hard Inner Sleeves in Good condition.
-Ultimate Guard Supreme Collector's Album 3-Rings XenoSkin both the Slim and XL.

Slowly adding cards to my trade list (in like 20ish minute increments a day), and I'm really excited to start grinding out trades!!

Collections in progress (this means proofs, cards, signed cards, alters, art/lithographs, basically anything relating to):
- Mark Tedin
- Mark Poole
Cards (Complete Collections)
- Adarkar Unicorn (Ice Age)
- Weapon's Trainer (Oath Of the Gatewatch)
Cards I am currently offering premiums for (either cash or trades heavily leaned in your favor)
- Adarkar Unicorn, Ice Age in GERMAN.
Graded Cards:
- I am always open to trading for graded cards, but if they are graded my preference is BGS, (Beckett) but I do take PSA.
Current Decks:
G/W Bogels - Complete (Currently Foiling + Artists Signatures) - Modern
Jasmine Boreal - Complete and Foiled (Currently getting Artist Signatures) - EDH
Lands - In Progress- Legacy

Follow me on twitter! @Bleheh
And I have a blog (of course)
And an Instagram: @uniquemtgtrades
And an eBay: thebogglepeddler

I also have massive amounts of bulk in various languages - so if you're looking for a specific bulk card or want to trade for large amounts of bulk just let me know.
Thanks for reading!
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