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Frank Kor (enbrkor)
Canada - Ontario - Toronto
125 (99%)  - 
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My Continent
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United States, Canada
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MTG Market
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All cards on my tradelist are available for sale.  Please message me so we can arrange a price you can purchase them at.

Please NOTE that the conditions for older cards under $1.00 may not be NM.  I also will not check their conditions when I send them out.  If condition is important to you, please ask me to verify them before completing a trade.  Thanks!

Will only trade within NORTH AMERICA where tracking and insurance is still reasonable.  My apologies to all the great international traders out there, but I have very little faith in deckbox's ability to handle trade disputes for lost packages.
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Kolaghan Monument
2 $0.05Add to Cart
1 $0.05Add to Cart
Lone Wolf
1 $0.05Add to Cart
Irrigation Ditch
1 $0.05Add to Cart
Geothermal Crevice
1 $0.05Add to Cart
Soltari Lancer
1 $0.05Add to Cart
Rogue Elephant
1 $0.05Add to Cart
Fountain of Youth
2 $0.05Add to Cart
Remote Farm
1 $0.05Add to Cart
1 $0.05Add to Cart
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