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Fatal Push
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Frank Kor (enbrkor)
Canada - Ontario - Toronto
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United States, Canada
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MTG Market
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Please NOTE that the conditions for older cards under $1.00 may not be NM.  They were just mass imported into my trade list.  If condition is important to you, please ask me to verify them before completing a trade.  Thanks!

I do not do international trades(trades outside of continental North America) for obvious reasons.  Even if you offer to send first.

All purchases during during the pro tour will be subjected to a review and may be refunded.

Bad traders:
Herman Janssen: he puts up a nice facade like every other scammer. Make sure you track every package you send this guy, hes good for losing your packages between different members of his family. After 3 months of back and forth between him and deckbox admin, i've realized deckbox is powerless to enforce anything. If you choose to ignore the rules laid out, at the worst you get your account suspended.  Deckbox is really just powerless to do anything to insure that a trade doesn't go awry.  Trade at your own risk, make sure you track and insure your packages and stay away from international trades. They aren't just worth it unless you can justify paying upwards of 30-60 dollars for tracking/insurance.
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Crop Rotation
1 $200.00Add to Cart
Jace, the Mind Sculptor
1 $150.00Add to Cart
2 $90.00Add to Cart
3 $65.00Add to Cart
Surgical Extraction
1 $45.00Add to Cart
1 $30.00Add to Cart
Shattering Spree
2 $30.00Add to Cart
Rest in Peace
1 $28.00Add to Cart
Green Sun's Zenith
1 $23.00Add to Cart
3 $22.00Add to Cart
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