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**Find me on Pucatrade under the same name**

I finally got my collection organized and am trading off my extras to slowly complete sets.  As such I have quite a few wants listed.  I am usually fairly busy and often work 60+ hour weeks so I may not get back to you immediately.  I am also usually able to make it to the PO about once a week but try to be timely.

***** I am trading for collection purposes so please make sure you check your cards and send the correct edition and condition.  I keep getting people sending the incorrect edition such as a Commander deck version.*****

-If you have low refs then I will ask that you send first.  If we are around even or have traded before then simul-send is fine with me.

-Most of my cards should be NM-lightly played but if condition is important ask before confirming. 

-I'm not interested in trading high value cards for all of the bulk on my wants.  Try to keep things fairly even.

-I am not looking to trade down for the commons and uncommons on my list.  If I need some I will add them to a trade.  I also do not want to trade for high value standard cards as I don't play standard.

-I have hundreds of thousands of C/U so if there is something you are looking for just let me know and I can check as well.

-I draft at FNM every week but do not play standard so I have loads of boosters for trade as well. 

Priority Cards I'm looking for:
Noble Hierarch (Conflux)
Chalice of the Void (MIR) x3
Entomb (ODY) x2
Chain Lightning x4

I also have loads of decks up for trade that I got in a collection I bought.  They are all in great condition and are complete.  They include:

Duel Decks
Garruk vs. Liliana
Venser vs. Koth
Sorin vs. Tibalt
Ajani vs. Nicol Bolas

Battle Royale
The Deluge
Spirit Gale
Cinder Heart


Garfield vs. Finkel

Elemental Thunder
Zombie Empire
Metallic Dreams
Strike Force

Planechase 2012
Savage Auras
Night of the Ninja
Primordial Hunger
Chaos Reigns x2

Bring About The Undead Apocalypse
Scorch The World With Dragonfire
Assemble The Doomsday Machine
Trample Civilization Underfoot

Premium Deck Series
Fire and Lightning x2
Slivers x2

World Championship Decks
1998 Seattle- Ben Rubin
1998 Seattle- Brian Selden
1998 Seattle- Brian Hacker
1999 Tokyo- Kai Budde
2000 Brussels- Jon Finkel
2001 Toronto- Tom van de Logt

Theme/Event Deck
Life Boost- 8th Ed
Speed Scorch- 8th Ed
Sky Slam- 8th Ed
Heavy Hitters- 8th Ed
Expulsion- 8th Ed
Entangling Webs- Magic 2012
Time Drain- Urza's Legacy
Ivory Doom- Onslaught
Swarm and Slam- Darksteel
Code of the Orzhov- Guildpact x2
Gruul Wilding- Guildpact
Izzet Gizmometry- Guildpact
Simic Mutology- Dissension
Radkos Bloodsport- Dissension
Azorius Ascendant- Dissension
Reality Fracture- Time Spiral
Hope's Crusaders- Time Spiral
Unraveling Mind- Planar Chaos
Ixidor's Legacy- Planar Chaos
Rituals of Rebirth- Planar Chaos
Endless March- Planar Chaos
Fate Blaster- Future Sight
Battalion- Morningtide
Going Rogue- Morningtide
Turnabout- Shadowmoor
Sidestep- Eventide
Hold the Line- Innistrad
Deathfed- Innistrad
Spiraling Doom- Dark Ascension
Gleeful Flames- Dark Ascension
Monstrous Surprise- Dark Ascension
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