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02-Mar-2021 21:40
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TRIP NOTIFICATION - I will not be available after Feb 8th.  All trades with me needs to be fully sent out by both sides before that date

If you are interested in any of my cards, please feel free to shoot me a trade, I am very open to any trade offer.  I am pretty particular on condition of the cards, so please check conditions when trading with me as I would do the same for you.

I am not usually a big fan of trading down my cards for lesser value cards, so I will tend to ask for at least a 25% value premium if trading down.

Also I have a few reserve list cards, and also not interested in trading them unless there is a 45% premium for them if its to be traded for non-reserved list cards.

NOTE: The cards I have that I have flagged as TEXTLESS are cards set for expected trades, so they arent available for trade.

Please go to link to check my tradelist without TEXTLESS cards:

Lastly, Deckbox does not do a great job at listing correct prices for sudden price spikes, so I will be using TCGPLAYER MEDIAN to check on prices.

Biggest Trade to Date: $526.46 Trade with Commanderfun
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