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Adam Warner (freakwerks)
Premium User
United States - Minnesota - Plymouth
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30-Nov-2023 00:56
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United States
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MTG Market, Minnesota Traders
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Hey there, I’m a long-time Magic player, really into EDH and very casually getting into Pioneer. I have a pretty big collection which I am working on getting organized and catalogued, but that kind of thing takes time when you have a full-time family, job, and hobbies.
When I scan cards into inventory, I am using TCG Player’s Quicklist software then converting it over to Deckbox’s spreadheet import process. This sometimes results in inaccuracies, therefore, see notes below.
If I have trades that I need, hit me up. I will never balk at your one card for my 100 cards, or vice versa. I would prefer (not required) to calculate trade value via TCG where able. I will also never make a new trader ship first. I didn’t like it when I first joined and I don’t feel like someone should have to do that.
I will ALWAYS pull and verify the card before locking in the trade. I have had several instances where inaccurate inventory has bitten me and made a locked in trade, awkward.
Any trade $20 or less will ship in a protective sleeve in a standard envelope.
Any trade $20-40 will ship out first class in a bubble mailer; I expect the same from you.
Any trade $40 or higher will ship out in a bubble mailer with tracking and insurance; I expect the same from you.

If you would like to purchase cards from my inventory, please put them in the cart and start a dialogue with me so that I can go pull the cards, make sure I have the correct version and can verify condition before finalizing the transaction. I update my pricing pretty regularly so no concerns from that angle.
***UPDATE*** I added a bunch of Unfinity cards and didn't feel like maticulously going through the Attractions to figure out which is which. So if you make a purchase or trade and want a VERY specific Attraction (based on the D6 roll values), ask first please.
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Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord
1 $26.14Add to Cart
Urza, Lord Protector
1 $26.03Add to Cart
Craterhoof Behemoth
1 $23.11Add to Cart
Trapjaw Tyrant
1 $19.56Add to Cart
Resplendent Angel The Lost Caverns of Ixalan (Card #334) 1 $17.69Add to Cart
Forgotten Cave
1 $17.58Add to Cart
Delighted Halfling
1 $16.58Add to Cart
Illustrious Wanderglyph The Lost Caverns of Ixalan Commander (Card #21) 1 $15.20Add to Cart
Purphoros, God of the Forge
1 $14.59Add to Cart
1 $14.20Add to Cart
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