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Any commons or uncommons marked "mint" (or "signed") on my wishlist is just my tracking my playset completion from cracking packs and drafting; I'm not actively looking to trade for those cards. They're nice throw-ins if I'm trading a little down though.

For other cards on my wishlist, I am only interested in high-NM English cards of the correct printing. Please be able to take pics. I've received too many LP cards labeled as NM on here. So I have some LP versions of them in my tradelist, and I'm trading them away at 60% listed value. I'm happy to get rid of them.

I'm flexible on anything else in the trade, but please check your cards before agreeing to the trade. I will call out obvious defects. I will also take pics of anything I can see less-than-perfect with the cards I'm sending.

I don't have much time to check this during the work week, so please give me at least until the weekend to respond to your trade offer. If you need immediate responses, I'm not the trader for you. If you frequently propose-and-cancel, I'll probably block.

I'm really looking to move the LP ones I've received. I'll value these at 60% of NM value and can take pictures.

I prefer medium trades (total value $20 +), so the shipping (and possible tracking) cost is a small percent of the trade value. Anything under $20 will be a PWE trade.

I'm also in search of a NM condition Gruul guild card from the Dragon's Maze pre-release packs. It's  the only one I'm missing!

Doubling Season--Deckbox price seems to be lagging behind TCGplayer NM prices  quite terribly, so I'm looking to trade these at their actual market value, not at their current undervalued deckbox prices.
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